Highlight: Luiza Lukova + Emma Christ

For the month of August, Luiza Lukova and Emma Christ created a curatorial pop-up “Blue on Blue on Blue” inside Nationale.

“Blue on Blue on Blue” showcased work from a different artist every week for three weeks. This rapid exhibition turnover, their choice of artists, and overall drive and spirit made us want to learn more about them, their curatorial debut and what they’ve learned and experienced in connection to the curatorial pop-up.

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Spotlight: Prequel

Learn more about Prequel, an low-residency artist program that’s been active in Portland since 2015 from it’s current organizers. We discuss the history of the residency and how it came to be, the challenges associated with running an artist residency, and more. As well as the upcoming exhibition featuring work by the 2018 Artist Residents at c3:initiative in St. John’s.

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Spotlight: Dust to Dust

An interview with artist and co-director of Dust to Dust, Emily Nachison. We discuss how and why Nachison and her partner Michael Endo, decided to open an art gallery earlier this year; how running an art space informs their artistic practice; their curatorial mission, as well as their upcoming exhibition and the exciting new projects they're working on.

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Artist Interview: Avantika Bawa

Learn more about Portland-based Artist, Educator & Curator, Avantika Bawa. We discuss her background, art experiences, how she maintains and balances her art practice with being an educator, the evolution of her work, and her upcoming solo show at the Portland Art Museum that opens August 2018 and is on view until February 2019.

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