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Bodies in Motion

  • Here/There 1920 North Kilpatrick St-Willis Boulevard Alley Portland, OR, 97217 United States (map)

Bodies in Motion
May 4 - June 15, 2019 
Opening reception May 4 from 6-8 PM

Anyways,  Marguerite Bailey

Anyways, Marguerite Bailey

Here/There is proud to present Bodies in Motion, a group exhibition exploring the human body with artworks by Marguerite Bailey, Andrew Lyman, Ricardo Nagaoka, and Luan Sherman. The exhibition will run from May 4th, 2019 until June 15th, 2019 with an opening reception on May 4th from 6-8pm.

Bodies are that which moves, and in many ways, to be alive is to be in a constant state of flux – both internally and externally. A subjective reorientation process always begins and results in a movement. This primordial flux, an infinite transition, can seem perceptually illusive at times; the age-old mantra “be present” leads to a fixation on apparently solid forms, causing what change we do notice to be perceived as threatening, a move towards an omnipresent uncertainty. Perhaps the mantra could rather be thought of as “be anywhere, anyways”. Dwelling within change and movement allows us to accept the other as simply an alternative variation on our own subjectivity – a vector that allows for potentialities to be read within every bodily inscription.

The artists in Bodies in Motion all dwell within this sustained moment of flux; they experience the world in between that which is and that which is almost. They offer a way to think the world through the body and its actions, the objects that interface with those bodies, and the metaphysical residue those bodies leave behind in their production of space/time. Furthermore, the path they offer the viewer is one that encourages play, exploration, and a willingness to see the future as one that will be co-produced by a disharmonious unity of bodies, agents, and subjectivities.


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