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Kyle Lee & Taj Bourgeois "Fabulous Oceanscapes"

  • Erickson Gallery 9 Northwest 2nd Avenue Portland, OR, 97209 United States (map)

Kyle Lee & Taj Bourgeois | Fabulous Oceanscapes

Erickson Gallery

March 1 through March 30, 2018

Opening reception: March 1, 2018, from 69 PM

For appointments after the opening, email:


Kyle Lee

“How I normally go about creating an exhibition is first thinking of a theme, maybe as well as even a title for the show, and make artwork based on it.  For this show, I wanted to reverse that strategy. I wanted to gather ideas for artwork, and then see what sort of theme the art could write itself.  Letting the continuity happen naturally.  After being out of graduate school, I wanted to liberate myself from concentrating on one set for my images.  They reflect my post-grad school life of being at home, going to galleries, and my everyday existence.  What I gathered is a collection of humorous and somber content.  To me, the life of a self-governing artist, it’s like constantly trying to override feelings of aimlessness with curiosity, and self-motivation is key.  The show also includes a portrait of my grandmother.”

“I started following Taj’s work a couple years ago.  We were both doing art about grocery stores.  I was impressed by his carelessness and his perpetual output.  He was photoshopping images taken inside grocery stores of him climbing through shelving and making sculptures out of products.  He was like the Andy Goldsworthy of the grocery store.  I really wanted to get on board with where this guy is going so I asked him to do this show with me.  I asked him what a good title for the show would be, he said, ‘Fabulous Oceanscapes, haha.’  As to mock certain commercial galleries, and redundant art formalities.” Kyle Lee

Taj Bourgeois

I want to write an honest art statement that doesn’t suck.  Basically, these are some dope ass paintings. Better than most the shit I see shown in this city. I’m just making stuff that piques my curiosity and hope people feel the same. I’m living off what I love and it seems that means smearing my thoughts via pigment on fabric.” Taj Bourgeois