Outside of our own interests, we do accept media for hire requests. This is because we frankly just don't have the time to go everywhere people suggest us to go! However, if you hire us to come to your art exhibition or event, we can prioritize it and one of our team members will come, take photos and share on social media. 

If you'd like to hire us to cover your art opening, event, current, upcoming or future exhibition please fill out the form below. It's important keep in mind these requests still go through an evaluation process to see if the exhibition or event fits with our project as well as our schedule. We'll follow up with you once we review your form within 24-72 hours of receiving it. Then we'll invoice you after we've successfully fulfilled the media request.

We typically cross promote our Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter, however, we use Instagram as the main format for sharing what we see. Additionally, we often post Instagram stories as well to engage our followers and the public in real time.

We have over 10k organic followers over the last 4 years. Our followers mostly come from Portland, Oregon, as well cities in the Pacific Northwest like Seattle and Boise. However, but we have followers in New York, including the tristate area, California, Hawaii, and even Europe!

Art & About PDX is a free, non-sponsored project. These type of social media hire requests help us keep this project active.

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These are currently the options & rates that we provide for exhibitions/events coverage. Please feel free to contact us for other inquiries.