Art Guide

Our Art Guide is our publication which features thoughtful and curated list of our favorite art spaces in Portland, Oregon. It features places we personally endorse and suggest to locals and visitors alike because of their consistent excellence in programming over the years. There's a online component and an physical component.

Tthe first edition of our risograph Art Guide publication on January 12, 2018 at Outlet in Northeast Portland. This project has been incredibly popular with the Portland art community. Follow us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter for updates on where to find them. We're also always accepting donations for support.

  Inaugural Issue of the PDX Art Guide

Inaugural Issue of the PDX Art Guide

'2018 Artist Collaboration Art Guides' Quarterly Publication

The continuation of our PDX Art Guide takes our ongoing publication and puts it in the hands of artists to showcase their own style for special quarterly releases. Our 2018 ‘Artist Collaboration’ Art Guides aim to support Portland's contemporary art scene by highlighting both art spaces & artists in the community. The project not only spotlights art spaces, museums, galleries, and project spaces - it also brings local artists to the forefront through their unique redesign of our original Art Guide. 

This project was created in an effort to expand our scope beyond just documenting the contemporary art scene and sharing it on our Instagram, and aims to accomplish this movement outside digital media to something physical and tangible for the community.

Spring 2018, Issue 2

Featuring Jodie Cavalier

Could you describe the choice of imagery used in your Art Guide and why you chose it?

I have worked with milagros, Mexican folk charms, over the years. They are used for healing, protection, or luck, all of which I am needing at the moment. I scanned the charms, cut them out and scattered them in the design. 

Is there any significance to the choices you made in regards to the paper and ink?
I wanted to choose colors that reflected the season. There are so many flowers blooming in Portland right now so pink and green made sense to me. 

Summer 2018, Issue 3

Featuring Amy Bay

Is there any significance to the choices you made in regards to the paper and ink?

The imagery and text for my issue of the Art Guide come from Early American embroidery samplers that were made as part of a young girl's education. I chose red and blue ink on off-white paper so that it would feel American. In part this is just a nod to the source materials, but it's also because I have always cringed at the blindly patriotic feel of these colors together and I wanted to try to reclaim them.

Could you describe the choice of imagery used in your Art Guide and why you chose it?

I'm thinking a lot lately about imagery that is coded as feminine in our culture and have been working from decorative motifs drawn from embroidery samplers. Drawing each stitch is a kind of ambivalent homage. It mirrors the labor involved in making the sampler, but it is not tied to the historical emphasis on mastery and technique that the tradition imposed. Translating the stitches and fabric to drawing enables me to push against this rigid format a bit on my own terms.

Fall 2018, Issue 3

Featuring Carlin Brown

Projected release date: early September 2018

Winter 2018, Issue 4

Featuring Lauren Wilson

Projected release date: end of November/early December 2018