Work with Us

These are currently the paid advertising services we provide. These fee’s help the project as a whole move forward, allow us to create publications like our Art Guide, and the time and transportation of our contributors.

We’ve been documenting the Portland art scene since 2014, and have a strong following on our website and on Instagram, so you can be assured your exhibition or event will be seen. If you have any questions we’re happy to answer them!

Exhibition/Event Listings

Our arts calendar has been a creative resource in the Portland art community over the past several years. We accept submissions for exhibitions, artist talks, events, pop-ups and call to artists. Once we reviewed your request we will send an email with payment information. Listings which will appear on our website and in our Instagram stories as a highlight.

  • Online listing $5

Social Media Promotion

We can help you get the word out by blogging your art exhibition or event generating buzz on social media networks.

  • Submission $15

  • Personal exhibition attendance $25

  • Personal event attendance $50


We can help you document your exhibition or event. We have our own photography equipment (DSLR camera & lights) and assist with post-production editing.

  • Exhibition & Events Documentation $115/first hour

  • $50 for each additional hour

  • $20 Deposit required

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