If you're interested in being included in our risograph Art Guide publication, we're currently accepting sponsored submissions for our 2018 Artist Collaboration Art Guides. This sponsorship opportunity is open to everyone, even art spaces not featured in first edition of our Art Guide. As a Sponsor you'll secure your space in the all four upcoming 2018 Artist Collaboration Art Guides as well as being listed online.

To submit, navigate to our crowd-funding campaign and select the Sponsor Perk ($50.) If you're a new art space to us, please fill out the form below. This sponsorship opportunity is will be available until April 28, 2018. Please contact us for questions or details. 

Tell us about your space?! What type of work do you show; do you highlight a marginalized community; what does type of space are you? A short description, no more than a couple sentences, that will be visible under your listing.
Address *
Any other information you'd like us to know? Please include anything you think would be useful for us to share with the public. ie; are you in a building that doesn't have clear signage or an entrance? Do you have to get buzzed in? etc.

We're committed to following up with you within 24 hours of your submission.

If you submit to us in the evening, weekend or on a holiday, we'll contact you the following business day.