About Us 


Art & About PDX is a platform documenting Portland's contemporary art scene.

Established in 2014, our arts coverage is multi-faceted showcasing emerging to established artists, alternative spaces to well established art institutions. We present artworks, artists, galleries, and exhibitions, as they are happening, which creates an archive.

Occasionally, we cover art happenings nationally and internationally. This inherently links and promotes Portland's art scene beyond it's geography, participating in regional, national, and international contemporary art dialogues.

We focus our efforts in promoting the local art scene through documentation and sharing on Instagram and other social media platforms, which we hope encourages people to see and explore art in real life, since you can only experience so much from a photograph.

We also highlight artists, art spaces, and projects in an effort to provide more insight into the people and spaces that help make Portland’s art community unique.

Additionally, we provide a platform for artists & art spaces to share upcoming exhibition and event submissions, making it easy for both residents and visitors alike to find information and exhibitions they might consider attending.

Our Art Guide project provides a useful and curated resource to the community at large, offering an alternative to similar corporate, ad-based publications.

For questions, suggestions, feedback, or collaboration inquiries please use the form below or email: artandaboutpdx@gmail.com 

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